All of our rugs are responsibly sourced in Africa. What does that mean to us?

Respect to the animal - Our rugs come from Nguni cows in the grassy Zulu highlands of southern Africa. They are farmed ethically, with farmers taking a ‘whole animal’ approach. The earliest tribes had gratitude for what a kill would provide - sustenance, clothing, shelter. While technology and scientific advancement has allowed us the ability to go beyond spending each day meeting our basic needs, we believe we shouldn’t forget our earliest learnings. Waste not, want not.

Respect to the honest farmer - Our aim is to support small farmers in Africa that uphold traditional methods of raising livestock. Why?

  • These local farmers tend to raise small herds and access marginal areas such as mountainsides and ditches. This promotes balance with the existing ecosystem.
  • They raise regionally appropriate animals. The Nguni breed is a fusion of indigenous and Indian cattle. Their fertility and resistance to disease is well suited to the African landscape.
  • The traditional method of grazing over large areas is best for the animals well-being. This means fresh air, sunlight and the opportunity to engage in normal animal behaviors.
  • There is less reliance on hormones and antibiotics to promote fast growth.
  • It provides for an honest life. Many of the poorest rely on livestock for their livelihood. Traditional animal husbandry provides a means for many to provide for their families.

Quality over quantity - In today's world, the concept of the throwaway society can be seen from fast fashion to planned obsolescence. We believe there is a high environmental and socioeconomic cost in this mentality. We would rather sell you one high quality rug that will last you a lifetime than five trendy low grade ones that will last a single season.